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6 things to check after your website development is complete

You are done with your website. Everything is complete. It is about time you need to launch it. Or is it? Before launching a website it is possible to forget some of the very important checklist marks. Thee points are mandatory for the proper functioning of a website. You simply cannot skip upon them no matter what.

Let us take a look at all six of these major pointers before we miss out on anything.

  1. Meta-descriptions

Meta descriptions determine how profoundly your site would rank and assess among the pages on Google. It needs to be rechecked if there has been any mistake. Since the content description is limited to a minimal word count you need to take care of the fact that it is not diluted with mistakes. Your entire SEO game will mess up if the meta-descriptions are not accurate and up to date. Make sure to put a check sign next to this box after you are done with it.

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  1. Background task tutorial

Once your website is ready for up and running condition; it is time to put it up for a tutorial where you can check the background activity capability of it. Not all websites can take a certain level of interaction caricature. Students who pursue web and graphic design courses are taught this feature at the very inception of their training period. You will find that this feature helps them get a better groove of their learning capabilities. Long story short, the background task tutorial is very important and must be checked without any fail.

  1. Loading Time

This is one of the thumb rules and should be known to every single web developer. If your website does not have good loading speed then it is a total waste. This will sound harsh but it is the utter and ultimate truth. You will need to check the loading duration of the website and all its pages on various different devices. It might be more compatible with the one than the other. If graphic design courses in Kolkata have taught us anything it is to check if the logo, title, designs, and text are loading at an appropriate time frame or not. Make sure that the loading duration is among one of your checking factors on the list. No user would prefer to take interest on websites which do not even load quickly.

  1. Keep an eye out for spam

It is no wonder that more than 25% of the websites when they launch initially end up with tons of spam content in them. These spam emails and added extensions are a very bad look on websites. You need to take care of them right away. Therefore, do not miss out on these bugs at any cost. Therefore a test run would give you all the essential feedback you will need to get in order to be sure of the spam contents which are filled in the website’s pages.

  1. Test URL for issues

There are several very useful free tools available on the internet where you can check the URL for any malware of underlying issues. Take a good look at them and try fixing as many as possible before you end up launching the site. It will give you a complete report of the broken links, redirect pages, resources with codes which are not required and etc. This is one of the checklist boxes which a lot of web developers tend to miss from time to time. We suggest that you become the latter ones.

  1. Get a performance report

Try getting an outsider or a feedback personality to do that. Internally there could be biases. Getting a proper performance report would let you reflect on any missed out hurdle or point. It will let you rectify the mistakes made. We assure you that you will find something or the other very important in these performance reports. Therefore, try to not take them lightly.

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