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7 Characteristics of Teachers Who Effectively Use Technology

We are living in a technological era where we witness so many changes and innovations. In every field, we can see the deep influence of technology and its positive effects. If we take a particular field like education, we can see the deep-rooted changes and developments. Students, as well as teachers, use technological devices to make learning and teaching process effectively. Now more than 90%of teachers and educational institutions use technological devices to make the classroom more active and learning more effective. Technology has become one of the important parts of the educational field and now teachers completely depend on technological devices. So many education applications have been developed which the teacher uses in the classroom. At first, the concerned departments shown their indecision using technological devices because they thought it will divert the student’s mind from education but later on they understood that it positively affecting education and broaden the education process. Perfect teachers can technological devices perfectly in the classroom which can use to the students to attain perfect education.

Be positive

A teacher must be positive in mind before applying electronic procedure so for that teacher must prepare the class before the beginning of the class and should be able to analyze the result on students. The teacher must use technological devices positively and plan well before the class.

Accept new methods and techniques

Some teachers are always like to follow traditional methods. When the new inventions and innovations are developed in the field of education they try to avoid that follow old traditional methods. But the best teacher will be friendly in the acceptance of new ideas. So if the teacher accepts it and tries to involve it in teaching then it can be easily executed.

Listen to students view

As a teacher, it is very important to listen to the student’s view and students ideas. After presenting the lesson and ideas the teacher must ask the feedback. When the ideas are presented through technological devices there will be some hazards for teachers as well as students. So when the ideas are presented it is very important to understand the student’s feedback on it according to that teacher can develop the class.

Think from student’s perception

The teacher must be able to look from students perceptions. When the teacher prepares a technological presentation of lesson teacher must think the ideas from student’s angles. What students want what they will think after the presentations so such thought must become in teachers mind before presenting the lesson.

Begin with simple to complex

When a teacher is about to present the lesson in the classroom she must begin the idea with simple. Understandstudent’s capacity of understating and listening to the ideas. So start with simple ideas then move to a larger one. If you are showing graphical presentation at first present the graph of a simple subject make them understand the idea then move to complex one.

Share and care

When a teacher is using technological devices teacher have a large number of sources which can be used in the classroom. So the teacher must share new ideas and information according to the taste of the students. Main preference is given to the interest of students because they are an important part of the teacher’s curriculum. So whenever the teacher is using technological devices in the classroom teacher first must keep students interest and views in their mind.

Be excited about new innovations

Whenever new ideas are developed teacher must show her excitement in the presentation of the ideas. If the teacher shows no excitement about new ideas then students will also response negatively. So at first teacher must show her interest and her positivity will be reflected on students learn process?

Teachers play an important role in the teaching field. Teacher’s behavior affects students learning the process. In every sense, technologies enhance the learning ability of the students and enhance the quality f teaching.


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