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Entering the World of Dance: Essential Items for Aspiring Dancers

Dancing is said to be a beautiful expression of thoughts and emotions. It uses a person’s entire body to create different shapes and a combination of movements that, when viewed as an entire performance, evokes a plethora of reactions from the audience. 

Some might say that dancing is easy or that it is something that should not be taken seriously. In reality, dancing takes months to learn and years to master—and that also depends on each individual.

People who want to learn or pursue dancing must first head to their nearest dance shop to purchase the essential equipment and items needed to get them started. It would help if you also had ample space and a suitable environment where you can practice different dance routines safely and comfortably.

Here are the basic attire and equipment that each beginner in dancing should have:

Shoes for dancing

Shoes for dancing come in several variations. It usually depends on the kind of dance you are trying to learn. Ballet shoes and pointe shoes are lightweight footwear with thin and very flexible soles. These shoes easily match the movements in ballet dancing. Another type of shoes meant for dancing include jazz sneakers and tap dance shoes. A comfy pair of footwear that allows comfortable movement is also ideal.


Baggy clothes tend to get in the way of several dance movements. Jeans constrict your legs, while regular t-shirts may not be as breathable on your skin. On the other hand, tights keep the excessive fabric from dangling on your arms and legs. It also eliminates excessive weight being dragged on the floor while you spin, jump, or twist your body. You can also wear leotards because it provides the same level of comfort. Make sure to bring extra pairs with you all the time for emergency purposes.


When you dance, you also sweat a ton. That means you need to stay hygienic to keep from developing body odour or allergic reactions on your skin due to excessive sweating. Always carry your deodorant with you. Bring along some ointment to treat bruises accumulated from intense practicing; cleansing wipes to remove excessive dirt and sweat, and a towel.

Hair accessories

This essential item applies to everyone, especially guys and girls with long hair. A broad selection of elastics and hairpins will hold your hair in place while you dance. It also prevents hair strands from blocking your view. Ballerinas are required to tie their hair back and pin it neatly because it enables them to move their bodies more freely and during practices and performances.

Healthy snacks

Dancers typically follow a strict, healthy diet because they need to watch their weight and wellness at all times. Eating too much junk food and sweets dramatically affect how your body absorbs energy. Switch to fruits, vegetables, and fibre-rich snacks, so you remain in tiptop shape at all times.

Water and energy drinks

It is crucial to stay hydrated as you practice several different dance routines. Make it a point to carry your trusty jug or bottle of water every time you practice. You can also take energy drinks, but try to keep it at a minimum level. Water rejuvenated your energy and replenished your body so that it can continue to function and counter bouts of exhaustion during and after your routines.

Truly, it takes effort and commitment to become a professional dancer. It also requires the appropriate preparation, and a trip to your local dance shop to ensure you get all the dancing essentials you need.

Alice Churchill
Alice Churchill
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