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Lani’s Music Studio | A Perfect Place To Learn Commercial Music Styles!

Lani, a renowned singer, and teacher is one of the best persons who you can go to when it comes to learning commercial music style. At Lani’s music studio, you will learn everything about contemporary music class. With the exceptionally melodious voice and huge experience, Lani has hands down become one of the famous singers today. Apart from doing shows and concerts, she also runs singing classes for all the aspiring singers. Her music is everything to her and this is why she is the best person to go to if you want to learn contemporary commercial music. 

Learning the art from the artist 

At Lani’s music studio, what is the best part is that there, you learn from someone who is exceptionally talented and is a great teacher. With Lani, you will not just learn the art but, will also learn how to commercialize your talent as a singer. Every class at Lani’s Music Studio is dedicated to improving you and this is why all her students would agree that she is an encourager. 

Lani is known for teaching several different singing styles including jazz, musical theatre repertoire, and pop music. Her vocal training style is inspired by the holistic philosophy which operates on the fact that everyone has a different voice.

At Lani’s studio, you would not just learn to sing but, will also learn how to earn from your singing. 

Here is what these classes include – 

  • Sight-reading
  • Songwriting
  • Aural training
  • Music theory 
  • Vocal pedagogy
  • Breath management and support
  • Postural alignment 
  • Functional piano and more… 

Why do students love Lani’s music class? 

There are several reasons why most students attending Lani’s music class find it helpful and interesting. Her talent and melodious voice is something that might have dragged you there. Her teaching approach is a bit different. She makes you understand your voice which makes it easier for you to learn the art which can prominently focus on what you are best at. In addition to this, these music classes include small batches which makes it easier for you to have one on one learning experience with Lani. 

A Little bit about Lani 

Lani is one of the best singers who specialize in contemporary music. This is why if you are interested in learning the art to make a commercial benefit. But before you jump enrolling in the class, let’s talk about who Lani is. Lani is one of the passionate performance and is one of the best performers who is renowned for her melodious voice. She is the one who has spent her life pursuing her passion for music and teaching others to do the same. With her master of music degree, she is the best person to go to if you are looking to learn how to sing. Lani also spent a semester abroad in the USA learning the art under the renowned musician, Walter Smith III and Dr. Kenneth Bian Edmonds which makes her count among the best teachers for you. So, if you are looking for a singing class, you must consider enrolling in Lani’s music class

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Vaishali Sonik
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