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John Eilermann St Louis – Why You Should Invest in Real Estate

For John Eilermann St Louis has been very good to him with regards to the real estate market and he has forged a very successful career within this industry. Eilermann rose through the ranks in this industry and now the chairman and CEO of McBride Homes, based out of Chesterfield, has been named to the real estate industry council of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. John was speaking recently about real estate in general and why he believes that everyone who is able to, should look to invest in the real estate market.

 Everyone will tell you to invest in bricks and mortar beyond anything else, and here is exactly why.

 Tangible Asset

 One of the most compelling reasons to invest in real estate is that it is a tangible asset which you can see and which you are able to touch. This is not numbers on a screen which can disappear based on a single business decision, it is a physical investment which nobody can take away from you.

 Always Increased

 Since the very beginning of the real estate market house prices have gone up, and that is something which should give all investors hope. Has there been ups and downs during this time? Of course there has, but the prices will always come back and as long as you have patience and time, then you will make money from this investment.

 Supply and Demand

 Just as prices have gone up, there has also always been more demand for housing than there has been supply, and the current day is no different. There is always pressure on governments to build more affordable housing and all of this means that you will never have a problem when looking to sell or to rent out a property. This again is something which attracts many to the real estate market and as long as you purchase property in the right place, you will always have interest in people living in the property.

 Ways to Earn

 Another reason why people enjoy investing in the real estate market is that there are a number of ways in which they can make money from this particular venture. For example some people will look to pick up properties cheaply which are in need of some attention, they will renovate the property and then look to sell it quickly for a profit. Another way in which people will make money is simply through amassing multiple properties and then counting on the rental income each month for cash flow. Finally you get investors who buy with an idea to sell in the future, and they will rent the property out short term and then look to sell the property when the market is high.

 As John Eilermann has said, this is very much an area of investment which anyone with money should look to get involved with. There is just so much scope to see a return.

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