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The Advantages of Studying Spanish in A Spain City: All You Need to Know About It

Seville is one of the most famous cities in Spain and is not only known as a quality destination for learning Spanish Courses in Seville, but also as the birthplace of Flamenco music. The charm of Spanish rhythms in musical events such as the “Bienal de Flamenco” attracts visitors from all over the world. Language learners are drawn to Seville, high quality language courses and the chance to experience Spanish culture. A language course in Seville guarantees an exceptional and relaxing study holiday in a typical Andalusian city.

Seville’s old town has a labyrinth of narrow streets and the architecture here is known around the world. You will be enchanted by the buildings, ancient Roman-style palaces and oriental structures rich in mosaics. Seville offers our students a fantastic experience, a city of history and splendor: the Maria de la Sede Cathedral, the largest Gothic cathedral in the world and the medieval palace of Alcázar. The nightlife in the Plaza de San Salvador is unique, where hundreds of people meet in the numerous Tapas bars, Flamenco cafes and clubs. Fun places to spend the silk.

The school offers Spanish language courses at different language levels with choices of standard, intensive and corporate courses. The highly qualified and extremely professional staff are able to educate efficiently. In our school, students will be encouraged to interact with each other in Spanish. Students can choose between different accommodation options such as: private apartments, school residence or they can stay with a host family. The school offers a wide range of recreational activities such as excursions and visits to cultural events in the city after class

  • Learning Spanish in Seville is a truly unique experience. The city is the home of flamenco and bullfighting: in every sense it is a real “Spanish” city.
  • There are numerous schools that offer courses of various levels to foreigners who come to the city, willing to learn the local language.
  • The nationalist spirit that reigns here in Seville will make you immerses yourself in the reality of the place and will make you want to learn the local language.
  • Knowing Spanish to communicate with Sevillians will be essential, also because English is not well known.
  • If you are a student, you can also choose schools whose courses can be recognized as academic credits in your home university or school.
  • Furthermore, learning Spanish in Seville will mean learning a very particular pronunciation; the inhabitants of Andalusia are in fact famous for their particularly pronounced accent.

Schools for all tastes

If you are interested in spending a study holiday in Seville , but not deprive yourself of excursions and trips, you could choose a school that includes all this in its programs. Some schools also offer accommodation for students : living on a campus or in an organized structure is suitable for first-time travelers and less adventurers.

More independent travelers looking for some independence during their stay in Seville may instead opt out of the inclusive accommodation option.

Before making your choice, it is worthwhile to inquire about the formation of the classes (level and number of students), the qualifications of the professors and the timetables. For those who plan a longer period of stay in Seville, it could in fact be more favorable to find evening courses , to be able to afford to find a possible job during the day.

The most famous schools

Below we see what are the best schools in the city and the project they propose.
Each private Spanish school has its own teaching method and to make your choice you must have in mind what you are looking for: once you have a clear idea of ​​the length of your stay in Seville , the intensity of the courses and on the type of attendance and interactivity that you want to have with the language school, you can make an adequate choice, thanks to the varied and wide range of Spanish courses in Seville .


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