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What is the difference between Paste, Pomade and Clay?

Nowadays, if you are being confronted with a shelf of hair products, it can be intimidating, especially with men’s hair styling products. So, you need to choose the perfect style product, and whether you are an adventurous gent or a one-brand man, it can be not easy. Finding the correct hair product for you can be a pain, and with so many hairstyle products for guys available, it is understandable. Do you style your hair with pomade, clay, paste, gel, wax, or one of the numerous other options? And how are you expected to figure out which one is right for your hair and style? They can explain the differences between hair clay, pomade, and paste if you are unsure about the products. They hope that this guidance may assist you in determining these types of products.

Hair Clay:

Clay hair treatments are a relatively new category of men’s styling products, and they can range in consistency from very thick to very creamy. All clay hair products have one thing in common: they all contain clay in their compositions. It is extremely fine and powdery, almost velvety to the touch, and it can expand up to 6 times when exposed to water. This gives your hair extra volume without weighing it down by adding body and thickness. Hair clay for men comes in a variety of textures, from creamy to thick. Their Sculpting Clay has a silky smooth and creamy texture that spreads smoothly and evenly through even the widest hair types. Its lightweight composition absorbs swiftly into the hair and leaves no residue behind.

  • Good for: Hairstyles with a lot of texture and volume certain styling clays, such as the VO5 Extreme Style Matt Clay, are also great for achieving a messier, more undone look with a matte finish. It can also give your hairdo a firm grip that lasts all day.
  • Hairstyles you can achieve with hair clay: Hair clay is rich in minerals and has been believed to have natural healing capabilities. It is perhaps the only product in the styling category to offer additional advantages aside from style. Tops with a lot of texture, curly quiffs, and messy medium-length hairstyles.


One of the most often used terms to describe men’s hairstyle tools today is pomade. Now, whether or not the phrase pomade is used appropriately is another matter entirely, but it appears to be a catch-all term for anything that isn’t a gel or fibre. Pomades for men are a waxy material, or more precisely, an ointment that is divided into two categories: oil-based and water-based. True old-school-style pomades were typically mixed with fatty chemicals and grease such as petroleum to achieve shine and hold, making them difficult to wash out with regular shampoo. They are meant to give you the same look and hold as oil-based pomades, but they are easy to remove with water. Water-based pomades don’t have their shape as well as oil-based pomades, but they are more flexible and can be restyled during the day.

  • Good for: Pomades like the TIGI Bed Head Slick Trick Pomade is great for gents seeking a sleeker, neater hairdo because they come in both medium and high shine versions. Hair pomades for men do not leave your strands rigid and crunchy, but they do provide a reasonably firm yet malleable grip.
  • Hairstyles you can achieve with pomade: Quiffs, ducktails, slick-backs, and comb-overs are all popular hairstyles.

Hair paste:

Although there is no universal definition of a hair paste, they all have clear visual and tactile similarities. Hair pastes are often thicker in consistency than pomades, and their character and texture can range from thick toothpaste to tacky glue. A hair paste for men offers a medium to tight grip and can leave your hair looking natural, matte, or shiny. The consistency of different pastes varies, but in their thicker forms, some warming is required before application. Working the paste between your fingers softens and loosens the texture, making it easier to distribute evenly on the hair. The paste will cool and thicken after application, giving your hairstyle a matte look and exceptional hold.

  • Good for: Hair pastes, depending on specific varieties, hair pastes are one of the most versatile styling treatments in terms of usage and effects. They suit most hair lengths, thicknesses, and styles. They are obsessed with the Lynx Messy Look Flexible Paste, which can help add volume to fine or thinning hair. However, whether you want a smoother, more stylish short hairdo or a longer, messier, and more textured look, there is certain to be a paste out there that will meet your preferences.
  • Hairstyles you can achieve with hair paste: Softer pastes are particularly useful for achieving casually dishevelled looks and touchable styles. Stronger hold pastes are recommended for people who want to keep their hair in place all day.

Final thoughts:

There is a lot to consider when selecting the correct product for your ideal haircut, and they want to make sure you have all of the information you need to make an informed selection. They always endeavour to provide you with the greatest products and information available.


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