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Valentine’s Day In Paris: The Most Romantic City

Have you been thinking of a romantic trip to Paris to crown your Valentine’s? There is never enough time for Paris. If that day would miraculously have 48 hours, you would enjoy every bit at your own pace. However, since that is just wishful thinking, you may need a detailed guideline on how to spend your Valentine’s Day in Paris, the most romantic city.

Glenlivet-12 special message

Special messages touch the hearts of loved ones when relayed romantically. Glenlivet 12 Scotch Whisky is one of the best ways to do so and still remain original and unique. Get a customized engraving on your whiskey in Paris and celebrate love your own smooth way.

Parc des Buttes –Chaumont romantic-race

If you’ve never known the romantic side of sports, try the 8 a.m. race at Parc des Buttes with your partner hand in hand. For only € 15 – 20, you can run 5 to 10 Km and even get a racing partner “Operation Cupid” so you don’t need to worry about being lonely at the park. You can get your KTM and go for motorcycle racing if you both prefer that. In other words, you can race for love on Valentine’s Day.

City Hall Paramour-Bal

If you would like to do some good as you celebrate your love, join the troops as they flock the City hall for this dance of charity. You only need € 150 for two to dance all through the night at Paramour Bal and fight AIDS that has claimed the life of our loved ones world over.

Helipass tour to the West of Paris

What would be better than unwrapping your gift chocolate box romantically while viewing the magic of Paris from above the air? Helipass tour to the West of Paris is the best present you can give your lover on the Valentine’s Day.

Dinner and show at the Moulin Rouge

The historic cabaret show, multi-course dinner, and round trip transportation are in the package of dinner and show at the Moulin Rouge. It is one special night with hotel pickup that you need to enjoy when celebrating your love. This is a golden chance for demonstrating your love with the best Valentine’s gifts for your partner.

Massage in the dark

For only €147, you can enjoy a soothing massage in complete darkness at Spa dans le noir and by extension, have dinner also in complete darkness if you will.

Marina De Paris

Extend your romantic escapades to a special cruise for dinner on the Seine where you get to each chocolate, see amazing spots in Paris and fall deeply in love. You can save your chocolate box by spending about €84 on the Marina De Paris.

Paris night city tour

Romance is hottest in the night, so give Paris a visit by night and feel the sparks it lights in your lover’s heart. Get a panoramic view of the main monuments and avenues of Paris illuminated by street lights and coupled with an audio-guide commentary available in 11 languages to help you understand more of Paris, which is the most romantic city ever in the world. You can’t miss enjoying the illuminated view of Paris’ trademark monument, the Eiffel tower

Manoir-de-Paris adventure

The dark and scary atmosphere at the Manoir de Paris will surely spark love in your hearts as you cling to partner for an embrace. The actors’ “Dark Valentine Night” relieving terrible pasts of Paris is enough to make one shiver and scream for love. €20 is what you need to enjoy that romantic, scary adventure with your partner in Paris on Valentine’s Day that will make you shiver and have a genuine excuse for a tight warm embrace and a chocolate box.

Montmartre’s French art-of-seduction

Your Valentine’s trip to Paris would be incomplete without a visit to this most romantic corner of Paris. Two hours in the least and around €65 is what you need to discover more on Montmartre’s unique architecture and explore the city of love with the one you love.

You’ll also get to learn seduction phrases that you can use to relay some vibes to make the French fall for you and master the art of seduction from the French experts. Montmartre’s is one of the best places to take a picture in Paris with your lover and awaken the love poet in you.


Paris is arguably a romantic city and you will never go wrong taking your loved one to celebrate this glorious occasion there. Just remember to spare time to visit some of the places of interest discussed here if you want to experience the true beauty of this city.

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