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Vintage Graphics Design Trends Which Might Prevail in 2019

Designing is never constrained to the era. Sure, with time we see contemporary and time-defying designs following up. Before Adobe Photoshop was the face of editing and graphic designing there were a lot of vintage art forms which were used in flyers and posts. All the digital images were no different than the print ones. They had a lot of similarities. Graphic designing in Kolkata, however, has seen a lot of shifts in trends for many years. Let’s find out about a couple of them.

Well, the old always comes back in fashion and the same happens with designs too. In this article we will be talking about some of the very popular trends which are expected to make their way in 2019.

1. Black and white

As cliché it might sound but this one is the most hyped about. Black and white was the original format of a lot of entertainment and media content for decades. But in the last couple of years the combination is used again. It is edited and more fine graying is done to give a more smooth and natural effect. In many situations where a time difference or editing bipartisan is created; these are very frequently used. We definitely see this one making a place for itself in the upcoming year.

2. Undertones in still and motion images

Graphic design courses in Kolkata is very famous in teaching these specifications. Warm and cool undertones determine the mood and feel of a post. Graphic designers these days are using the way of undertones to explain a lot of their posts. Warm undertone has a more vintage feeling than the cooler ones. Therefore, we might be seeing this trend making its way back into the designer’s catalogue. The emphasis on undertones had almost disappeared in still images. They were only considered and given importance in videos. As progression takes place, we find more graphic designers opting for this field.

3. Fluorescent lighting

Fluorescent colors like neon are very subject specific. They cannot be randomly used anywhere. A very recent incarnation going viral over internet is GIFs. These GIFs can fit with almost any kind of idea or brand per say. Fluorescent lighting texts and images can set perfectly and blend naturally in GIFs. Therefore, we are hoping that this vintage trend will make its mark and stay for another couple of years too. A lot of pop culture icons and their brands do not shy away from using these too.

4. Calligraphy in various styles

Calligraphy is considered an old-school art and graphic designing was not at all influenced by it for a very long time. However, the era of experimentation is booming and we can find a number of brands and services promoting their digital marketing posts with various calligraphy designers. Graphic designing is adopting this popular feature as a major trend. E-commerce companies are one of the lead pioneers in the same field and they are continuously moving forward to generate a major drive in the same field. Promotional posts are highly influenced by calligraphy these days.

5. Bright blinking

This is again to do with the video elements in static posts. The blinking of certain colors on screen is the most vintage thing one can think about. It had only gained some popularity in 2018. How its position will be in the upcoming year is a completely new thing which we are yet to find out. All we can do is wait and watch for the best results when they show up.

These were some of the vintage trends which we are expecting to rule the scenario next year.

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