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Bollywood news today: Akshay Kumar’s Kesari is all set to the Rs.100 crores mark

There is no doubt on earth that Akshay Kumar has established himself as the indisputable King of B-town.

His latest movie ‘Kesari’ which is an intense war drama has already rocked the box office with its massive collection. Given the fact that it’s slowly moving towards the bar of Rs.100 crores, there is enough proof that the audience is loving him in this role.

Akshay’sKesari and his performance

Kesari has become the biggest blockbuster of 2019 so far and is currently featuring in the top sections of Bollywood news today. And why not. Ever since the josh became high for fans with the surgical strike movie ‘Uri’, another war based tale was the right movie to come up with. So that the josh and patriotism wave doesn’t die down amongst fans.

Having said that, Akshay’s movies have always been entertaining or educating, as he always keeps that in mind when he starts a project. From Toilet to Padman, he is the only actor who has used his fan base to propagate and talk about social issues and created headlines in bollywood news.

The controversies don’t matter to him

Akshay doesn’t feel ashamed or afraid about making such movies. If you remember, during ‘Padman’, the actor received flak from souls who were against of his idea. Padman was strictly banned in countries like Kuwait and Pakistan. Obviously, the reason that they came up with was the fact that its subject revolved around a taboo.

Even the Central Board of Film Censors, Pakistan refused to give the No-Objection Certificate to the film. According to them, ‘we cannot allow a film whose name, subject and story are not acceptable yet in our society.’

But did this stop Akshay from spreading the message and shout out loud? Hell, no. He came out with flying colors. Even though ‘Padman’ just made over Rs. 100 crores, I am sure it wasn’t just the money that he was after. His motive for movies has raised the cliched bar of comedy and romance. Bollywood news today still talks about the hardships he faced with his previous movies, but Kesari seems to squash it all off.

Why is Akshay one of the best actor?

With a different set of movies, he is climbing the steps of being the legendary actor who comes up movies that people really relate with. Frankly speaking, this is what the Indian cinema needs now. Bollywood Celebrities News claims that this actor has done justice with the role of a fierce warrior.

And because he is a trained martial arts experts, the action scenes appear as authentic and nerve-wrenching as they show in Hollywood movies. Though he hasn’t yet tried his hands on sad Bollywood movies, I am sure if he comes up with an idea of a sad movie, it would be a good one.

Kesari’s collection for the opening weekend was Rs 78.07 crore. And there is absolutely no doubt that it is going to cross the mark of Rs.100 crores soon.  On that note, Kudos Akshay.

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